SHC upholds death penalty of murderer of brother-in-law

KARACHI: The Sindh High Court (SHC) on Monday upheld the death penalty of a convict, Izzat Khan, who had killed his brother-in-law for turning downing his demand to allow his wife going home with him.

Izzat Khan was sentenced to death by District & Sessions Judge West, Karachi in 2013, after he was found guilty of killing his brother-in-law Fazal Amin in 2006.

The convict challenged his capital punishment in the SHC and requested the court to set aside the judgment of the trial court. However; SHC bench, headed by Justice Naimatullah Phulpoto dismissed the plea after recording arguments from both sides.

The court observed that they found no reason for reducing the appellant’s sentence from death to life-imprisonment.

According to deceased’s brother, in 2006 they married their sister off with Izzat Khan who used to maltreat her and had sold her golden ornaments and other valuable items which were given by them to their sister in dowry.

After only the five months of their marriage, Izzat drove out his wife from his home after maltreating her and so she came back to parents. The convict, Izzat had approached his brother-in-law, Fazal Amin, for the return of his wife, but Amin refused to do so without some guarantee that he will not beat his wife again. Izzat got incensed and stabbed his brothers-in-law, Fazal Amin and Saleem with knife. Later, Fazal succumbed to his injuries.

District & Sessions Judge West sentenced Izzat to death. The court had also directed him to pay Rs 100,000 compensation to the heirs of the deceased.