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ہزا نیٹ ورک صارفین، تاجروں اور تمام ادائیگی صنعت کو فائدہ پہنچانے کے لیے عالمی ادائیگی کو یکجا کرنے کی خاطر بلاک چین سے منسلک ہونے کا ارادہ رکھتا ہوا

ٹوکن فروخت آفاقی ادائیگی گیٹ وے نیٹ ورک کے آغاز میں مدد دے گی

ہانگ کانگ، 7 ستمبر 2017ء/پی آرنیوزوائر/– “ہزا کا مقصد بینکوں، ادائیگی اسکیموں اور تاجروں کو اگلے اربوں صارفین کے لیے ادائیگی کو ممکن بنانا ہے،” یہ

HAZZA network aims to harness blockchain to unify global payments to benefit consumers, merchants, and the entire payments industry

Token sale will support opening up of the universal payment gateway network

HONG KONG, Sept. 7, 2017 /PRNewswire/ — “The aim of HAZZA is to enable banks, payment schemes and merchants to bring payments to the next billion customers,” says

Readout of Acting Assistant Secretary Susan Thornton’s Meeting With Pacific Island Leaders

On September 7, Acting Assistant Secretary Susan Thornton hosted a roundtable with the heads of delegation for 16 Pacific Island countries during the Pacific Islands Forum, Forum Dialogue Partners (PIF FDP). Acting Assistant Secretary Thornton emphasized continued U.S. commitment to …

Pilgrims of Arab alliance forces arrive in Makkah

Makkah, (IINA) – A group of pilgrims, belonging to the Arab alliance forces fighting the Houthi militias in Yemen, arrived in Makkah to perform Hajj, SPA reported.

Earlier, the group, consisting of more than 1,000 pilgrims, arrived at King Fahd …


People of Khyber Agency took out a protest rally condemning the statement of US President Donald Trump against Pakistan.

The rally started from Jamurd.

Participants of the rally were carrying placards inscribed with slogans to protect the national sovereignty and …

3 kindergartens to take care of children during Hajj: IINA Report

Makkah, (IINA) – On the 7th of Dhu al-Hijjah, seasonal kindergartens and nurseries will begin to receive the children of pilgrims in Makkah, in an initiative launched by the Saudi authorities to take care of the children while their parents …