108490 signatures land Aafia petition in White House

August 2, 2014 Off By Web Desk

KARACHI: Overwhelming support internationally to the cause of daughter of the nation Dr Aafia Siddiqui resulted in 108490 signatures on a petition to White House, putting the largest democracy on the world on a test if it respects the widespread public sentiments in favour of Aafia repatriation.

Addressing a large press conference at Dr Aafia’s residence today on the occasion of Yom e Tashakur (thanks giving), Dr Fowzia said in the last eleven years there had been very few days when they could sing that to the entire universe with every bit of our energy: August 1, 2014 was one of those days.

At 7:34 Texas time and Pakistan standard time 5.34 pm on that morning the White House petition asking for the repatriation of Aafia Siddiqui reached the required hundred thousand signatures. The number is continuously increasing. After eleven brutal years this represents a chance to end her nightmare.

The Aafia family said the past month had been a great source of hope and encouragement for them. Worldwide, people have responded to the referendum for Aafia’s release in a unanimous voice in her favour. We hope President Barak Hussein Obama will respect the opinion of the global society.

So far 349144 petitions have been filed to the White House Obama administration since he announced this petition scheme but less than 1% had achieved this threshold of 0.1 million for an official response and Aafia is one of those few. This is a test for the world’s greatest and largest democracy how it responds to the voice of the people.

The Nawaz Sharif govt and political leaders in Pakistan should also realize how important this case is in the hearts and minds of the people.

The statement said unfortunately, we have no way to contact Aafia to let her know that thousands across the globe care for her and are trying to get her home. She is being kept incommunicado in what seems to be retaliation for an appeals motion filed in court and the petition to the White House.

This petition will be presented to President Obama. He may choose to act on it, immediately. He may decide to look more closely into the case. He may not choose to act at all. We are hoping and praying that his sense of compassion and justice will guide him and allow Aafia to come home. “Whether President Obama chooses to act on it or not is a subject for another day.”

The Aafia family expressed gratitude and love for everyone who helped make this moment possible.

“We are grateful to Mauri Saalakhan and Sister Zeina for initiating this petition drive, and to all those who participated. We are humbled at the number of hits which exceeded a million (1368479 pledges) in two weeks and the millions of messages via SMS, WhatsApp, and the countless letters with their names and signatures. We thank the newspapers that posted notices to assist the campaign.”

Around the world people of conscience united to help a woman none of them have ever met: a victim of international politics, rendered, tortured, and falsely accused. They have shown that there are people across the world, which are outraged by injustice and have the courage to raise their voices.

“We don’t know all your names, but God knows who you are. Our words of thanks cannot describe our gratitude for your support but Allah and His countless bounties and mercies will follow you all where ever you may be.”

The Aafia family on the occasion also offered a special prayer for the victims of Gaza and Clifton Sea View and oppressed political prisoners worldwide, the release concluded.

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