17 kids suffer from blindness in single village

December 4, 2015 Off By Web Desk

LARKANA: As many as 17 kids are suffering from inherited blindness by birth and there seems nobody to help the affected poor boys & girls. They belong to village Shah Yaro near Akil which is located in the limits of union council Agani, near Larkana.

The village is located in the katcha (riverine) area and poor cannot afford to bring their children to major teaching hospitals for proper treatment & management.

These affected children include 7-years Ghulam Khatoon Malah, 14-years Masood Ahmed, 6-years Awais, 4-years Sunny, 12-years Shahmir, 6-years Amreena, 12-years Zawar, 14-years Fida Hussain, 10-years Qadeer, 8-years Anjla, 6-years Rashida, 7-months Rashid Ali, 13-years Anam, 21-years Jamila and 8-years Sona. Masood is 8th class student, Shahmir is studying in primary class one, Qadeer is admitted in class three and Anjla is class two student and all are studying in Special Education Center established in Larkana.

They belong to Malah & Kori communities and these tries are intermarried. Many of the affected villagers mostly belonging to Malah community have shifted to Thari Mir Wah (Khairpur district) to save their children but they said that there are even more children in their village who are also suffering from by birth blindness which has broken their backbone because they are extremely worried about the future of their kids.

One Altaf Hussain Samo brought them in Larkana at Leprosy Center on Saturday which is running Triple Merger Programme with the assistance of Marry Adelaide Leprosy Center of Karachi for treatment of TB, Leprosy & Eye problems.

Shabir Malah and Yasin Kori whose kids are also suffering told Media on the occasion that they went to specialist doctors in Larkana who told them that they are unable to do anything to bring back the eye sight of their sons & daughters.

They said that their children wanted to study but they cannot afford to bear transportation and other expenses. They urged Sindh Government and other philanthropists to help them in obtaining eye donations from relevant countries so that these minor & young boys & girls may be able to pass their lives comfortably for which they will pray for their long and healthy life.