243.528 b Balochistan Budget for 2015-16 announced

June 16, 2015 Off By Web Desk

QUETTA: Rupees 243.528 billion Balochistan budget for 2015-16 was announced at provincial assembly here Wednesday.

Announcing the budget in Balochistan assembly Adviser on Finance Khalid Langav said it would be deficit budget amounting to Rupees 26.001 billion.

He said Balochistan is important part of Pakistan and this province occupies key position in restoration of economy and development particularly importance of Balochistan coast and its location was it was increasing day by day. Despite all its backwardness and poverty it is a fact Balochistan has 3wlways played positive role in the national development and prosperity and owing ot its long cost line and precious natural resources this area was not only becoming cradle for development of country’s economy but it seems to appear important hub of trade activities in the region.

He said for the first time in constitutional history of Pakistan powers of provinces increased in the face of18 th amendment which is a step forward towards provincial autonomy and true federation. He said after this constitutional change our economy was not only strengthening but foreign investment was increasing here which would definitely lessen unemployment.

It is painful real despite precious resources, immense possibilities and opportunities peaceful and loving people of Balochistan are deprived of most of basic facilities. There is need to take serious and untiring efforts to resolve their problems and difficulties, headed.

Adviser on Finance said non Development budget for the coming financial year would be Rupees 189.023 billion and development budget would be of Rs 54.505 billion. Of the Rupees 189.023 billion Revenue expenditures are estimated at Rupees 168.549 billion and capital expenditures Rupees 20.474 billion.

He said total income during 2015-16 have been estimated at Rupees 217.526 billion. He said this also include income to be received from Federation will be divisible pool Rupees 155.993 billion, direct transfers Rupees 14.719 billion and others 10 billion.

He said Public Accounts Committee has been constituted and its activities would be maintained. He said during Development Budget 2015-16 priority has been accorded to education, health, law and order, water, communication and water and power sectors.

Khalid Langav said Balochistan Revenue authority was being setup to improve recovery of sales tax and other recoveries.

He said Balochistan was passing through transformation stage and a self reliant, developed and prosperous Balochistan is dream of us.

He announced increase in salaries and pensions on the pattern of Federal government. He said minimum wage has been fixed at Rupees `13000 per month. Employing any employees at less than his monthly wage would be considered a crime.

He said five thousand vacancies would be created during coming year to provide direct employment.

He said killing of workers in Turbat, recent sectarian target killing in Quetta and abduction and brutal killing of bus passengers at Khad Koocha (Mastung) are extremely regrettable and condemnable. People of Pakistan particularly Balochistan strongly condemned these incidents. Government was taking all possible measures for arresting criminals involved and stop recurrence such incidents in future.

Adviser on Finance said we understand that without devolving powers to grassroots level concept fo true democracy is not possible. Thus our government held local bodies polls taking a lead in the country. He aid our government has allocated nearly 10 percent of development budget for people’s development work through local bodies representatives.

He said Quetta is city of us all where Baloch, Pashtoon, Hazara and settlers are living. But it is regretted to say that traffic system is very much faulty. There is no effective sewerage system. Cleanliness and road condition is dilapidated. Our government would mobilize all resources for revival of traditional beauty of Quetta and providing basic facilities to the people. He aid Rupees 142 million have been set aside for setting u new parks in Quetta city. More than Rupees 375 million would be provided for providing modern machines of cleanliness, fire tenders and improving sewerage system. Comprehensive programme would be launched under provincial Sanitation policy at an estimated Cost of Rupees 5 billion.

He said Rupees 619.6 million have been earmarked for fisheries Department for the coming year which are 13 percent higher than previous year.

Adviser said Almighty has blessed Balochistan with a vast coastline which is about 750 Km. Legally fishing upto 12 knotical miles is within control provincial fisheries department Government of Balochistan. This also includes stopping illegal fishing, guiding fishermen and providing them facilities is responsibilities of government. This coastal area of Arabia Sea was providing employment to about 60 thousand people. One lakh44thousand metric tonnes of fish is caught from the sea annually bringing Rupees 14 billion.

He said long coast line and sea rich in sea life is hit by illegal trawlers from Sindh. Use of illicit nets has made people hand to mouth. Our government he added was serious to fully ban illegal nets and fishing and improving life style of fishermen and their business.