5th International Women’s Expo held

December 13, 2015 Off By Web Desk

KARACHI: TW9Y celebrated its 5th International Women’s Expo to promote women’s economic empowerment through a balance of education, entertainment and enjoyment in an event tailored for the lives of busy women and their families.

Stage presentations, motivational dialogues, campaigns for mentorship and showcasing women as change agents for development.

TW9Y Family/Women’s Expo- 5 was held on Sunday, 13th December, 2015. The Whole 9 Yards (an event management company + support group) managed this event in collaboration with Defence Authority Country & Golf Club Karachi.

Every year The Whole 9 Yards (TW9Y) organizes Women’s Expo to honour the achievements of women past and present, while remembering that race equality is still a work in progress. TW9Y brought a family-friendly event, when all were busy organizing replicas of Modern Sunday Bazaar events. The hugely-anticipated EXPO featured family- themed competitions on the Main Stage.

Cooking Queen Segment in which women brought their homemade dishes were tasted by well-known celebrity guest. Skillston Culinary Art Institute gave scholarships to the best Home Cooks. The winners of best dish both savory and sweet were crowned by Celebrity Chefs Zubaida Aapa and Naheed Ansari.

A petting zoo with Python and Crocodiles was the most sought after stall mostly liked by all members of the families who attended the event. Photo Booth and Face Paintings Stall was managed by Minerva Education System. It is a school where free education is given to underprivileged children who are abused either physically or sexually. Free stalls were given to ESSA LABORATORY and HOPES to give free health check-ups to the attending families.

The EXPO included a full range of attractions ranging from Fashion, Hair, Nail, Beauty, Cosmetics, Perfume and Accessories to Health, Fitness, Wellness, Spa, Household, Lifestyle, Medical and Mother & Child. Mostly women working online displayed diverse collection of affordable, one-of-a-kind clothes, accessories, arts & crafts. Shoppers had the opportunity to browse through handmade items infused with creativity.

All DHA Club members and DHA schools & colleges were invited to attend. Well known women guests, women entrepreneur, women vendors, women exporters and importers from KCCI, FPCCI and other well known organizations of Karachi took keen interest throughout. K Electric’s Energy Conservation team counselled and interacted with the consumers and guided them, how small steps towards smart living can help save Energy. The Dental Specialists discussed about the health hygiene and family dental care plans.