7.1mn people suffer from diabetes in Pakistan

June 14, 2015 Off By Web Desk

KARACHI: Senior physician and dialectologist Dr Fatima Jawad on Monday said that 7.1 million people are suffering from diabetes in Pakistan and their number would likely to reach 11.4mn in 2030.

Addressing an awareness program “Ramazan and our Food”, organized by Medical and Social Welfare Committee of Arts Council Pakistan (ACP) at ACP here, she said 194 million people are suffering from diabetes worldwide and their number is expected to reach 333 million by 2025. She said excessive food intake & less exercise, junk food, soft drinks, obesity, poverty and sedentary life-style increase the risk of diabetes.

She said diabetes has become a common issue in society but we should learn some basic things to handle this disease without facing any complications, especially in holy month of Ramazan. She said incidents of diabetes cases are almost common in every family and there is dire need of adopting healthy lifestyle to prevent the patients from related complications.

She stressed the need of raising awareness. She advised people avoid junk food, take balanced diet, go for daily exercise, maintain weight, adopt a stress free life and regular check up helps people to spend healthy life.

Dietician Tabassum Zehra said consummation of fried items and soft drinks are harmful for people in holy month of Ramazan and people must eat balanced diet.

Dietician Tabassum Zahra, Dr SM Qaiser Sajjad and Dr Mehboob Baloch also spoke.