Actions against Shia Ulema Council Pakistan’s men flayed

September 1, 2015 Off By Web Desk

KARACHI: Shia Ulema Council Pakistan, Sindh, President, Allama Syed Nazir Abbas Taqvi said on Wednesday that in guise of National Action Plan (NPA), people belonging to his party has been arrested in the Punjab, while the police has banned their religious gatherings on charge of spreading hatred among masses. He said that they would take out rallies all over Sindh 05 September 2015 to condemn the actions taken against his party’s men.

Addressing a press conference at Karachi Press Club, he said they have been biggest victim of ongoing terrorism in Pakistan. He said their people were killed after identification, but they adopted tolerance despite such acts for the sake of peace in the country. He said that they had played their due role in formation of grand coalition of parties in which all parties agreed action against terrorists ruining peaceful environment in the country.

He said they hope that through NPA, all desired goals will be fulfilled. Taqvi said keeping aside Abbas Town, Ashoora and Hayatabad incidents for the moment, six months has passed, but no culprit of Shikarpur incident has been arrested despite a committee was formed in this regard.

He said in guise of NAP, their Ulemas are being harassed and if this plan is diverted in another direction, they would not tolerate. He said they do not obey any plan if it disturb religious rituals. He demanded that imbalanced policy should be ended.

He said the action against sectarian people in Punjab should be brought to an end. He announced that Islami Tehreek Pakistan would take part in local government elections throughout Sindh.