Adopting modern tech necessary to attain food self-sufficiency

October 17, 2015 Off By Web Desk

Karachi: Pakistan is an agricultural country and we are self-sufficient in our food but we are not taking the full use of the latest technology that’s why we are lagging behind.

These views were expressed by Vice Chancellor KU Prof. Dr. Mohammad Qaiser while addressing in a seminar on World Food Day organized by Department of Food Science and Technology, University of Karachi.

He said we have fail to reach our export targets due to the crisis in water and power. Population growth is a major cause of the food crisis and hunger in Pakistan and it needs to be addressed. It’s the national duty of all of us especially academia, corporate sectors and food sector to join hands and play our national role to resolve this pertinent issue.

Department of Food Science and Technology KU has organized a seminar in relation with World Food Day after a period of 19 years for which the efforts of the Chairperson Dr. Abid Hasnain and the whole department are highly commendable. Partnership of academia and food industry is highly commendable and it needs to be further in the other sectors as well.

Vice Presidents of Federation of Pakistan Chamber of Commerce and Industry Shahnawaz Ishtiaq and Waseem Wohra while expressing their views added that Pakistani economy is progressing day by day and Pakistan has got the tremendous potential of food exports, it just needs to be modernized and properly managed. Pakistani Basmati Rice is globally famous for its quality and taste. Federation of Pakistan Chamber of Commerce and Industry is playing a pivotal role in the promotion of trade and business in Pakistan and bridging the gap between national and international business communities.

Pakistani mangoes and oranges are amongst the best in the world, our agriculture sectors needs modernization which will increase our food exports to a large extent.

Chairman Food Science and Technology Department KU Prof. Dr. Abid Hasnain said that Pakistan is one of the countries which face natural and artificial disasters on regular basis and its economy is highly dependent on the agricultural sector. 24 % of our GDP depends on agricultural sector’s income while 40 % of our total exports are our food commodities.

Food industries need to be modernized according to the latest technology which could not only increase our food production but will also strengthen our economy. Food safety is a dire need of today and our department is conducting courses on food safety. Organizing of such seminars will promote the linkage and collaboration between the food industries and academia.