Afia Movement establishes protest camp outside PPC

March 6, 2016 Off By Web Desk

Peshawar: Afia Movement established a protest camp outside Press Club on Monday demanding the government to honour its commitment with the family of Afia Sadiqui regarding her honourable return.

The organizer, Inamullah Khan led the protest camp, established under the banner of Aafia Movement. The Speakers recalled that the Islamabad High Court had directed the federal government to present reports regarding the release of Aafia Sadiqui within a week but the government did nothing practical in this connection so far.

They said it was the responsibility of government to recover its citizen. They recalled that Raymond Davis had killed three Pakistani citizens on broad day light but he was honourably sent back to America. The government, they said should take practical steps for the early recovery of Aafia Sadiqui.