Agencies are once again bent on eliminating MQM: Altaf

July 22, 2015 Off By Web Desk

KARACHI: MQM Founder and Leader Altaf Hussain has said that government agencies are once again bent on eliminating the MQM and crushing Mohajirs on the pretext of the operation.

He said that the constitution and the law were being trampled, and people of Karachi were being subjected to oppression and injustices. “The idea of a separate province is fast developing among Mohajirs as a result of continued injustices and oppression. They are beginning to think that a separate province is the only way to get rid of the injustices.”

He said this while addressing MQM office-bearers and workers on the intervening night of 22-23 July. “We are the descendants of the founders of Pakistan. Our forefathers gave laid down hundreds of thousands of lives for Pakistan, but we have been discriminated against since the inception of the country and deprived of our legitimate rights. The quota system and other discriminatory laws were used to usurp our due share.”

“MQM workers are once against being killed extrajudicially. They are being implicated in false cases and subjected to inhuman treatment in detention. Filthy and abusive language is used against Mohajirs.” “Rangers have twice raided the MQM headquarters, but no raid has been carried out at the office of any other political party during the operation. The second raid was conducted on the 29th night of Ramzan.”

“In-charge of the Co-ordination Committee Kaifulwara and member Qamar Mansoor were arrested during the second raid. It was alleged that they have organized the speech of Altaf Hussain. The heard the speech and clapped on it. Which law forbids holding the speech, hearing it and clapping on it?”

He asked if a Muslim army or paramilitary force can raid the office of a popular political party and humiliate the people. “Mohajirs are compelled to think if their forefathers had made a mistake by creating Pakistan because of unending persecution. Cruelties of Rangers have surpassed the cruelties of Yazeed.”

“They have no hesitation in oppressing their fellow Muslim brothers but surrender in front of a powerful enemy.” He said that the DG Rangers cannot absolve himself of the extrajudicial killings and excesses committed during the ongoing operation in Karachi as the Rangers is leading the operation with full backing of the Sindh Government.”

Hussain condemned former Sindh IG Police for making unfounded allegations against the MQM and added that he was responsible for the killing of hundreds of MQM workers and Murtaza Bhutto. “Asif Zardari rewarded Shoaib Suddle because he had an enmity against Murtaza Bhutto. Shoaib Suddle has killed innocent Mohajirs for which he will be held accountable before Allah.”

Hussain asked the workers and office-bearers if the MQM should be dissolved because of state repression, they replied in one voice that they were ready to bear anything. Hussain said bold decisions will have to be taken as the MQM was meant for giving a better future to the coming generation. “When workers giving sacrifices, the leaders and office-bearers should also prepare themselves mentally.