Agha Shahab assumes charge as acting KCCI President

July 26, 2015 Off By Web Desk

KARACHI: Agha Shahab Ahmed Khan has assumed charge as acting President of the Karachi Chamber of Commerce and Industry (KCCI) during the absence of President KCCI, Iftikhar Ahmed Vohra and Senior Vice President KCCI Mohammad Ibrahim, who have gone abroad on an official tour.

Agha Shahab Ahmed, while assuming the responsibilities as acting President KCCI, assured to work rigorously in the interest of the business and industrial community of Karachi who have been doing a commendable job by continuing their businesses despite so many odds.

Commenting on the likely situation in Karachi due to monsoon rains and the forecast for more heavy rainfalls, acting President KCCI expressed deep concern over the extremely shabby infrastructure of the city, particularly its inefficient sewerage system which is not even capable of dealing with small amounts of pleasant rainfalls pouring into various localities after intervals.

Keeping in view the dilapidated infrastructure of the city, Shahab feared that if Karachi city undergoes torrential rainfalls, life will come to a complete standstill as almost all the streets will be totally accumulated with rainwater due to poor sewerage system. He urged the administration of Karachi city to take steps on war-footing basis all over the city with a view to minimize the grievances being suffered by general public of this metropolitan city which has been solely contributing massive revenue of more than 67 percent to the national exchequer.

“Instead of advising the public to keep themselves distant from the electricity poles, K-Electric should be urged to insulate all electricity poles with wooden material or any other non-conductor in order to avoid any untoward incident during rains”, he added while referring to a statement of Commissioner Karachi Shoaib Ahmed Siddiqui who advised the public to stay away from electricity poles during rain.

Agha Shahab also expressed dissatisfaction over the arrangement made by traffic police to ensure smooth flow of traffic during rainy season as Karachiites continue to face severe traffic jams every day at almost all the busiest roads of the city including Shahrah-e-Faisal, MA Jinnah Road and Shahrah-e-Pakistan and other major streets of the city. “All these roads have been constructed decades ago and no expansion has been carried out on these roads to deal with growing traffic of Karachi. Thus, traffic jams from Sohrab Goth to Tower have become a routine and the situation worsen further when first drop of rain strikes the ground”, he added.

Commenting on overall flood situation being suffered by the country, Agha Shahab opined that Pakistan is a country blessed with all types of seasons including the Monsoon season in which abundant rainfalls are usually witnessed every year but unfortunately, all the precious rainwater is wasted and this blessing turns into a nightmare as the Monsoon rains trigger floods, resulting in grave losses not only to the lives and properties of the masses but also to the economy.

It is high time that the decision makers in Islamabad, particularly the Ministry of Science and Technology, must evolve strategies on how to deal with such situations and adopt latest technologies and techniques being used globally to effectively conserve the rainwater, which, if done, would surely help in minimizing the colossal losses being suffered due to floods and also improve the overall economic performance of Pakistan, he added.