Aitebaar Resolves to strengthen and improve ADR mechanisms in KPK

September 2, 2014 Off By Web Desk

Peshawar: The constitution of Pakistan promises rule of law, human rights and equal opportunity before the law. But the reality is that 63 percent of its population lives in remote rural areas, and does not have access to quick and affordable justice. As a result, citizens (particularly the poor and the disadvantaged) cannot access their basic human rights.

The formal justice sector is often seen as inefficient, slow and inaccessible, owing to which non-state local justice or alternative dispute resolution mechanisms, such as jirgas, are considered to be more reliable and many turn to them for dispute resolution.

While the jirga provides easy and affordable justice to many, they sometimes lack accountability, and base their judgments on traditional norms and values, which sometimes conflict with constitutional values. Still, the use of jirga is common for dispute resolution, and so the Aitebaar programme, proposes to make jirgas more human-rights-compliant and establish closer connections between the informal and formal justice systems to increase case referrals.

In light of this, Aitebaar has initiated a comprehensive training program comprising of five training sessions of four days each over the next two months. The purpose of these sessions will be to build the practical and professional skills of local mediators and jirga members and sensitize them to become more gender responsive and human-rights compliant.

Effort will be made during these training sessions for jirga members to understand the benefit of maintaining records pertaining to disputes referred to them so that jirga’s work in transparent fashion while complying with a code of ethics.

The program will train participants in alternative dispute resolution theories and best practices; constitutional, human and legal rights in Pakistan; women’s rights; and create awareness among them on how to improve people’s access to justice through alternative dispute resolution.

The training program will employ a mix of adult learning strategies and will include, group discussions, case studies and role playing.

Aitebaar is a four-year programme, funded by the UK Government’s Department for International Development, which supports the Government of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa to implement its peace building strategy in the province.

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