Al-Khidmat to open more straw-hut schools in Thar villages

July 8, 2015 Off By Web Desk

KARACHI: Former Mayor Karachi Naimatullah Khan Thursday said more village schools are needed to educate Thari children which is their birth right.

He said that education is very important to aware the citizens of Thatparkar about their due rights.

Khan said Al-Khidmat Foundation is working hard in Tharparkar to give education to new generation. In this regard one-room Choonra (straw-hut) schools are being set up in different areas. With education the poor Thari people would know about their constitutional rights. He said with education and training these people also could get benefits from the mineral resources of their valued land.

Naimatullah Khan was addressing a meeting that reviewed the progress of Choonra School project in Tharparkar being run under the Al-Khidmat Foundation.

Khan said Al-Khidmat has been working for many decades in Tharparker and it has noted that limited facilities of education are one of their main problems.

He said Al-Khidmat wants to decorate the new generation with education and for this purpose a Choonra school chain has been established where hundreds of children of this backward desert area are getting knowledge. He said that he is optimistic that these children would be the architect of our future.

Naimatullah Khan said Tharparkar is rich in natural resources; that is why people were deliberately kept away from education by Waderas so that they cannot come forward to claim these resources. He, however, said people of Thararkar could change their destiny by education.

He appealed to privileged people to support Al-Khidmat Foundation’s Al-Ilm project in Tharparkar. He said we want to open more straw hut village schools in this backward region.