Altaf says my friends end favouritism, follow merit system

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KARACHI: Muttahida Qaumi Movement Chief Altaf Hussain has said that MQM has been holding annual convention since the formation of MQM overseas wing. Today, we are holding 18th Annual Convention. I congratulate all the people who are present and not present here, he added.

“For the last few years I was not able to address you because of unforeseen circumstances, communication gap between the MQM’s International Secretariat London and office bearers of MQM USA Overseas unit. Currently, I have been working day and night because of the critical situation in the country. My work exhausts me and drains my power. I take a sleep for hours or two and wake up and start my work. I am thousands miles away from my country. However, as I a Pakistan it is my responsibility to steer my country out of the present crisis and put it on the right track. I will work beyond by capacity for the survival and security of the country,” he said while addressing 18th Annual Convention of MQM.

He said: “I thought it has been a long time since I talked to my people in USA. I should find some time to talk to them. I prayed to Allah to give me power and courage to talk to my people in USA this time because they have assembled here in large numbers from far flung areas of the USA.”

“You people have been getting news about every moment of Pakistan through Pakistani print and electronic media. It is an information Technology and the Internet age. We have services like SMS, Facebook, twitter and other services. You will have been getting the latest news from Pakistan. I am playing my role which I can play. You might have been hearing about activities a little. I will like to tell you briefly.”

He said: “Pakistan is passing through a difficult time. I will go into detail. If I started to give you detailed information, I will talk through the night. My address will not end. The story starts when there was a cold war between American and Russia. Russia occupied Afghanistan. This war was not between two countries. In fact, it was a war between two super powers. Our military and civilian leaderships decided to support America in the war without deliberation. They did not think over the ramifications and consequences of the involvement in the cold war. They pushed the country into the war for short-term benefits in order to please Americans.”

The MQM chief said Pakistan has become an epicentre of Mujahedeen activities. Mujahedeen came here from different countries. They set up a network to train these people. Our scholars termed the war between Russia and America a war between Muslims and infidels. Tell honestly whether America is a Muslims country or a Christian country. Is Russia a Muslims country or a non-Muslims country? How did it become a war for Islam?

The military and civilian government took decisions to get money and arms from the USA. They only cared about their personal interests. They did not care about the country and its future.

“People who are sitting here can give the answer that they non-Muslim country were fighting a war. Was it a Muslims war or a non-Muslim war? What would you say? You will say you are making this speech to American audience. What can I do? I will have to speak the truth. I cannot show expediency. You will say change your topic. In short, we made this Afghan war a war between Islam and infidels and created jihadist in such a great numbers in every part of Pakistan. After the defeat of Russia when these Mujahedeen did not have anything to do. They turned to the Muslim soldiers who had trained and started killing them. They started attacking mosques, Imambargahs, shrines, churches and places of worship of minorities. They also destroyed girls’ schools. They have destroyed 70% girls’ schools in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and Fata.”

He said: “As a Pakistani, I will do every for the security and survival of my country. Women are forbidden to drive cars and teach in schools. They have forbidden women to work in hospitals. They have killed lady doctors, teachers, middle aged women and educated women. Some of them have been slaughtered. I was the only who raised my voice. Who would listen to the counsel of sanity in this insane world? I warned them to stop feeding Taliban. They will capture the whole Pakistan. It was your brother Altaf’s voice. They hold me up to public ridicule and said that Altaf Hussain is spreading fear. He is trying to frighten people.”

“You can see that Sindh’s Urban areas, especially Karachi which is its capital. Taliban are involved in kidnappings for ransom, bank robbery. They are killing people in mosques. Attacking defence installations. ISI’s offices, which is a country’s powerful institution. Slaughtering army’s officers and men. They slaughtered FC’s officers and soldiers. Army’s generals and Jawans. They attacked Navy and Air force’s installations. They even attacked GHQ. They attacked GHQ and captured it for few hours. Our country’s leadership and rulers did not show courage. They met with success where they confronted them with bravery. For example, they cleared 70% of Swat. However, operation was closed.”

He said: “With Allah’s help MQM was the only party which held gatherings and told women, elders and students who were Taliban and what are their goals. How much danger they pose to the country? By the Grace of Allah now army and people are on the same page. On the one hand the country is passing a difficult situation, on the other hand the Dollar’s exchange rate has gone up above Rs. 100. Our economy is a mess. Unemployment is rampant. The unemployment has forced people to sell their children. People who cannot bear hardship slaughter their children and then kill themselves. People are committing suicides. MQM is busy in spreading message about its manifesto and goals. Taliban problem has diverted some of our energies to tackle them. We have lost MQM’s MNAs, MPAs and other office bearers in our fight against Taliban. We have lost 15,000 people. MQM is the only party which has a separate graveyard for its martyrs.”

“My friends end favouritism and group. Follow the system merit. People should work with responsibility. The true office-bearer is one who is not arrogant and deals with fellow workers with love and humility. They should not consider them their servants,” Altaf concluded.

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