Amir JI Balochistan

November 25, 2015 Off By Web Desk

QUETTA: Quetta and Zhob should also be included in Economic Corridor route along with other cities. Corridor project is becoming reality owing to Gwadar but ignoring western route there will be problems and rulers were responsible for it.

These views were expressed by Amir Jamaat Islami Balochistan Abdul Haq Hashmi while speaking with Jamaat leaders during his visit to Killa Saifullah.

He said usury system, loot, corruption and loans have destroyed country’s economy. Rulers have to give economic and constitutional rights to the suppressed Balochistan. Jamaat would make Islami Pakistan and turn Balochistan prosperous and peaceful. Only Jamaat is Democratic Party while other parties mere make claims of democracy.

There is programme to run underground train while in Balochistan a 60 year old rail system was in place. Due to this dual system sense of deprivation would take place among the masses. Rulers have to run the country on justice and develop four provinces unilaterally.

He said Balochistan is rich in resources and reserves. What is needed only sincere and honest leadership. As soon it is available Balochistan would start on progress and prosperity.

Conspiracies are on the rise against Muslims in the world. In some Islamic countries families are occupying power and they were playing role of American slaves. America likes democracy which benefits it. America terrorism has destroyed Ummah.

JI Amir said deeni madaris have ended illiteracy and popularizing religious and contemporary education. Unfortunately poor pay taxes in the country while rich succeed in waiving off their loans.