Amir JI-Gaza Rally

September 6, 2014 Off By Web Desk

QUETTA: Problems have been resolved upto 80 percent owing to efforts of political jirga while it is also hopeful of resolution of other problems. We have a formula as both government dharna people would escape from failure and bad name.

This was stated by Amir Jamaat Islami Pakistan Sirajul Haq while addressing Gaza Rally organized by Jamaat Islami here Sunday.

He said after resolving Islamabad issue he would go to the mountains along with tribal elders to console angry brothers of Balochistan. He said 1973 constitution has kept people united. If it was nonexistent then Federation and State would be at stake. He said if our proposals were not accepted by the confronted people we would resent them before masses. He aid enemies of the country are not Sindhi, Balochistan, Pashtoon, nationalists and others but narrow sighted Bureaucracy of Islamabad. He said he would gather hundreds of thousands of people in November under the Minar e Pakistan and start Pakistan Movement which was at the time of Quaid e Azam.

He said he was happy that political leaders of Balochistan have similar views about Islamic world. We oppose excesses wherever in the world. We had opposed American barbarism by raising voice in support of suppressed people besides people of Palestine, Chechen, Afghanistan, Syria and even Vietnam. He said 15 million Jews are attacking over one billion Muslims because Muslims are confronted with chaos. Unfortunately Muslims are opposed to each other on lingual and other differences. Occupational forces were trying to snatch Islamic Culture, curriculum and heroes by capturing their soil and resources by developing differences among them. It is blessing of Almighty Allah still Muslims have become iron wall before conspiracies of Jews and Christianity. Though we have complaints of Infidels yet most of the complaints are from Islamic heads of states who backed Israel instead of supporting Gaza people meted out with Israeli barbarism. On one hand America has allowed Israel to commit all sorts of brutalities on Palestinians and on the other Arabians hinted at rehabilitation of settlements destroyed gave an impression they are not afraid of massacre of Palestinians.

Amir JI said Eman of Muslims of Gaza proved that force of iron has no meaning before Emani force and thus Israel signed agreement under pressure. Gaza people fully celebrated this and gave a lesson to Islamic world no power on world can face them if handful of Muslims stand boldly.

He said in Islamabad rulers were confined to their offices and houses. Participants of dharna put on coffin and started digging graves but leaders of all political parties constituted political jirga for the interest of country in which heavy weights from Balochistan are also included. He said political jirga has strengthened democracy and democratic traditions and it has been clear political leaders have started thinking ahead of political interests. He said when march stated from Lahore he consulted with Khursheed Shah, Mahmood Khan Achakzai, Maulana Fazlur Rehman, Prime Minister Muhammad Nawaz Sharif, Imran Khan , Shahbaz sharif and others entire world was looking at us. What would be its outcome.

He said on one hand over one million people have been displaced, we are faced with various problems due to closure of educational institutions while long marches have started. But it is matter of pleasure three/four day work of political jirga PTI, PAT and rulers have agreed over 80 percent problems. We have asked Government and dharna people to evolve consensus on problems. We have also a formula through which three parties escape failure and bad name.

He said we have been supportive of electoral reforms, independence of judiciary and other demands. There has been selections and not election. People have made political their business. By spending huge money people reach parliament. This is the reason jagirdars, waderas and Khans are occupying assemblies for decades. There is no place for commoners there.

Sirajul Haq said ruler should show flexibility because if participants of dharnas were failed they would disappoint in future.

He expressed sympathy and condolence with bereaved families of journalists killed in Quetta. He said country was seen as Karbala and Gaza. If it failure of system he asked.

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