Ansar Burney to reunite missing son of Pak mother

October 11, 2015 Off By Web Desk

KARACHI: The Chairman of Ansar Burney Trust International and former Federal Minister for human rights, Ansar Burney has contacted the Presidency and Ministry of Interior at Islamabad to get Govt help to reunite a missing boy Mohammad Ramzan (15) at present in Indian Shelter home with his mother in Pakistan.

Rizwan was separated from his mother at an early age of 10 when his father Mohammad took him to Bangladesh and remarried.

Tortured by his stepmother, whom his father supported, Boy crossed border to India with the hope to come back to his mother in Pakistan, and unfortunately landed at ‘Shelter home’ in Bhopal, India, where he is anxiously waiting to return to his Pakistani Mother who is in Pakistan.

Rizwan’s mother Razia Begum after having come to know that about his son in India, contacted the Ansar Burney Trust International and met with Ansar Burney with a request for the release and return of his son from India to Pakistan.

Ansar Burney Trust on her request also arrange telephonic talk of a desperate mother with her son in a Shelter home in India.