Armed forces first line of defence

SUKKUR: The Armed Forces of Pakistan are the country’s first line of defence and must be given due respect for their role. This was stated by Syed Jawaid Iqbal, Chairman, Moderates, a private sector Think Tank strengthening, Tolerance, Inter-faith Harmony and Democracy in a statement.

Iqbal said that as the first line of defence, the Armed Forces were making unprecedented sacrifices to defend both Pakistan’s physical as well as ideological frontiers and must be treated with supreme love and respect by all countrymen for performing this thorny duty.

There was a certain trend, Iqbal observed, of unnecessarily dragging Armed Forces personnel into political debate in the media, which was simply uncalled for and served to dilute their prime function as defenders of the country.

He said the Armed Forces were Pakistan’s largest, most organized and well-trained group of patriotic and selfless individuals who were fighting day and night to bring peace to the nation which was facing both by external and internal threats. They are sacrificing their comfort and are laying down their lives to defend the motherland and need to be accorded unqualified and paramount esteem and admiration for their extraordinary mission.

Iqbal said that the Armed Forces had always played their due role in combating the enemy in wartime and in helping with natural calamities during peace time. They were deployed to valiantly defend the frontiers of Pakistan in wars; they successfully undertook operations against terrorists; and they were always in the forefront in dealing with natural calamities such as earthquakes and floods.

This is a very difficult time for everyone in the country, Iqbal said. Since Pakistan has been confronted by the blight of terrorism for many years now, the Armed Forces had stepped forward to help their countrymen combat this existential threat with the same valiance and gallantry that they are famous for.

Jawaid said he saluted the Armed Forces and was with all patriotic Pakistanis in extending full commendations, love and respect to the soldiers for undertaking a very difficult and uphill task.

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