Army should establish its writ while acting within constitution: Altaf

August 29, 2014 Off By Web Desk

KARACHI: The founder leader of MQM, Altaf Hussain, has said the army should establish its writ while acting within constitutional authority because the government had tried to undermine the credibility of the armed forces on the national assembly’s floor.

“The army should take measures as deemed necessary to protect Pakistan because without it, we are nothing,” he said in a special interview. He expressed his views on the current political and economic situation, and the external and internal challenges faced by Pakistan, and law and order situation in the country in the context of historical facts.

Hussain said that every sensible Pakistani knew it that the situation in the country had been critical for the last 15 to 20 days. “Pakistanis are worried and upset. They are praying to Allah for the security and preservation of the country,” Hussain said.

“There was martial law in 1971. Unfortunately, the party which won seats in the West Pakistan did not accept the mandate of the party of East Pakistan and said it would rule here you rule there. This attitude dismembered our country. Feudal lords, capitalists and generals have been installing government which protected their interests. We did not learn anything from the damage these governments caused.  No one cared how much did the country progress because of power struggle. How many schools , colleges and hospitals were established, “ Hussain said.

Hussain said that MQM was the only which raised the slogan for the leadership from the poor and middle class despite the fact it emerged in a feudal environment. He added it not only raised the slogan but all sent educated and honest people to assemblies which were dominated by feudal lords. He said that no one could have ever thought about achieving this.

He said that exploitive forces caused ethnic riots to stop MQM from its struggle against injustices. He added that we remain steadfast and rendered sacrifices. He added they killed our people in such a large numbers that it filled graveyards with MQM’s martyrs.

“They killed my elder brother and nephew. I have been living in exile for the past 22 years. I am the only which leader which has kept his party alive despite that I am in exile for 22 years. I not only have managed to keep my party alive but also spread its message to every nook and corner of the country, “Mr. Hussain said.

Mr. Hussain said if he had not worked day and night seeing the current political situation in Islamabad it might have caused disaster and loss of human lives.

He said that army had played mediatory role in the past too.

Commenting on the meeting of the army chief with the leaders of PAT an PTI for the resolution of the current political crisis, Hussain said, “ Today, the government has offered a denial on the floor of the house regarding the meeting that it had not requested the meeting. The government said that the meeting was requested by the leader of PAT and PTI. Dr. Tahir ul Qadri has termed the government stance a pack of lies. People are wondering who is speaking the truth. However, after few hours ISPR clarified the situation that the government made the request for mediatory role.”

He said: “The government had tried to undermine the credibility of the army by putting the blame on the other two parties. Had I been in prime minister’s place I would have resigned voluntarily.  What has Pak Army and the army done? Why have they made an attempt to undermine their credibility? Armed forces of Pakistan are busy in defending our borders. They are fighting the toughest war of their history in North Waziristan. They come forward to carry out relief working during natural disasters. India has taken advance of the situation and carrying out provocative action on the borders especially in Sialkot sector. “

Hussain expressed concern that India could attack and occupy our area seeing the prevailing the situation.  “I was against martial law. I still do not approve martial law. I faced repression in my struggle against injustices. I did not sell my conscience and blood of our martyrs. MQM is a democratic party. I oppose martial vehemently.  In current crisis faced by the nation, the armed forces of Pakistan should play their role for the security of Pakistan and protection of life and property of people. However, they must act within the constitutional authority granted by the constitution, “ Hussain said.

Challenging the legal and constitutional experts, Hussain said,” The Article 6 of the constitution is being misused. They are prosecuting former president under this article while he was travelling in a place. Those who acted on the land were provided indemnity against this article. “

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