Average export of Pakistani Mango during last five years is 80,370 tons

Islamabad: The average export of Pakistani mango during last five years was 80,370 tons only. According to Pakistan Bureau of Statistics (PBS) mango export volume (2011-2012) was 85.11 thousand tons with the value of 36.66 US million dollars.

Pakistan produces around 1.7 to 1.8 million tonnes mango annually but export volume has been very low (4-5% only) of the total production, on account of various reasons.

Director Harvest Tradings & horticulture expert Ahmad Jawad stated this in a press statement. He said Pakistani mango export is facing multiple serious challenges in international markets; however our mango export is decreasing mainly due to unreliable cool chain system, low transport capacity, poor packaging materials, and lack of processing technology.

Recently 14 processing plants (HWT) have been installed by USAID funding, still there are inadequate processing plants installed to properly quarantine pest mitigation. Controlled temperature, proper packaging and transportation in reefers improve freshness of mango and its shelf life.

He said if we look in the scenario internationally we saw that in last three years; over 1.1 million tonnes of mangos has been traded internationally each year. Parts of the mangos are traded again by importing countries.

If the import of all countries is added up, there is an annual import of 1.5 million tonnes approx with a collective (C&F) import value of $1.9 billion.

Holland plays an important role in the trade. Globally, Holland is the second largest importer of mangos. But almost 80% is re-exported. Holland comes fourth in the list of mango exporters.

Interestingly Holland is an important centre in the EU mango trade. Last year an amount of almost 150,000 tonnes was imported, but of this, 110,000 tonnes was re-exported.

He briefed the important growing markets for our mango sales are the United States, Gulf States as well as Canada, UK and Russia.

Jawad urged it’s high time that PHDEC may lay down detailed marketing strategy with the consultation of Ministry of Commerce for the export of mangoes to different destination for the next 5 years. Then we may able to en-cash this crop properly.

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