Awareness sought to promote voluntarily blood donation

September 13, 2014 Off By Web Desk

KARACHI: Secretary Sindh Blood Transfusion Authority (SBTA) Dr Zahid Hassan Ansari has stressed the need of launching comprehensive awareness across Pakistan for promotion of voluntarily blood donation in collaboration with all stakeholders of society.

He said currently 10 to 15 percent people voluntarily donate blood in the country, while 80 percent blood is obtained through family members and five percent from professional blood sellers. He said there is dire need of proper awareness among the society to promote voluntarily blood donation in the country.

He said Pakistan needs three million blood bags per year to meet the country annual requirement, but currently only 1.7 million blood bags have been collected annually across the country through different sources.  He said similarly 1.1 million blood bags needed annually to cater to Sindh province requirement, while only 0.6 million collected from different sources in province. He said lack of awareness in society is the major reason behind low trend of voluntarily blood donation.

He said blood should he obtained from only registered blood banks as professional blood sellers were considered biggest sources of diseases like Hepatitis B & C and HIV prevalence. He said voluntarily blood donation is safest procedure of blood donation.  He said every health person can donate a blood bag in every three month which can save three lives.

Dr Ansari stressed the need of creating the awareness among society. He said voluntarily blood donation culture should be promoted like national duty in Pakistan on the patterns of western countries to fulfil the actual requirement of blood.

He said by promoting the voluntarily blood donation culture in the country, we could avoid and prevent diseases like Thalassemia. He said SBTA were working to introduce centralize blood banks system in province to ensure safe blood supply to patients at local level.

He said all institutions, organizations, general public and government should work together for promotion of voluntarily blood donation cloture in the society to fulfil the actual need of the country.

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