Bad governance, OPS postings go hand in hand

August 25, 2014 Off By Web Desk

KARACHI: Infamous OPS (own pay scale) still stays in many government departments of Sindh province despite the clear-cut orders of the Supreme Court of Pakistan that junior officers should not be posted to senior slots in the grab of own pay scale; however, the OPS prevails in many departments as it suits the political interests of rulers, further poor governance in the province.

That more than one dozen junior officers of Karachi Metropolitan Corporation (KMC) have been enjoying the perks of high-grade government posts despite SC’s order that were issued before July to send the junior them to their deserving posts.

The sources said that not only disobedience of SC verdict is overlooked but the orders of Administrator Karachi Rauf Akhter Farooqui also are thrown behind the back. Farooqui had issued a circular notice to all the officers to go back to their previous posts where they were assigned before ‘OPS’ based transfers but the officers had kept holding the positions on the basis of having relationships with higher authorities and ministers. However, KMC had submitted to SC in its order’s response in which it was acknowledged that more than 17 junior officers had been removed from the senior offices and sent back to their original postings as per their pay scale.

The sources said some of those officers are not only reluctant to leave the senior posts but also are trying to occupy those seats permanently. This has created a scene of mismanagement in the departments where senior officers are compelled to work under non-deserving junior people. This situation could be easily witnessed in parks and horticulture, health, budget, finance, land recovery and accounts departments, where some junior officers are not ready to leave the senior posts.

Same situation is also in Karachi Development Authority, Karachi Water & Sewerage Board and District Municipal Corporations.

On the other hand, several officers are working on dual posts in KMC including the offices of secretary local bodies and metropolitan commissioner, municipal services and IT, human resources management, law, technical services and parks & horticulture.

The sources said the officers holding dual posts and working on senior posts on the basis on infamous OPS enjoy strong political support and even higher authorities could not afford displeasing them.

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