Ban praises Slovakia and Austria for taking care of so many refugees

October 19, 2015 Off By Web Desk

While visiting a humanitarian centre in Slovakia today where refugees have been accommodated by the Government, United Nations Secretary-General urged all leaders to show their “global solidarity and compassionate leadership.”

“I really appreciate the Slovak Government for establishing this emergency transit centre,” Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon told reporters in Gabcíkovo, a municipality situated on the border with Hungary.

He thanked the governments of Slovakia and Austria “for their very kind and warm hearts taking care of so many refugees who are voiceless and defenceless and helpless at this time,” adding that the migrant and refugee issues have become a global challenge.

“I know that each and every country has very serious political, economic, social challenges in accommodating these people but at the same time they should know that they are people who are fleeing war and persecution and very difficult hardship which they can never bear themselves,” Mr. Ban continued.

While highlighting that the current crisis may be a huge challenge in terms of numbers – with tens of thousands of people “rushing to the European continent” – the UN chief said he believes that it is not simply a “crisis of number,” but rather a “crisis of global solidarity.”