Bhuttoism guarantee for Pakistan security: Bilawal Bhutto Zardari

October 17, 2014 Off By Web Desk

Karachi: Pakistan Peoples’ Party Parliamentarian (PPPP) Chairman Bilawal Bhutto Zardari has said that Bhuttoism is guarantee of security of Pakistan, adding Bhuttoism is for the whole Pakistan.

Addressing a big rally near Mazar-e-Quaid here Saturday evening, he said in Pakistan there are only two forces: Bhuttosim and dictatorship. He said Bhuttosim got politically what it wanted to get. He said the constitution of 1973 was the achievement of Bhuttoism and leaders from Zulfiqar Bhutto to Maulana Maududi agreed on it. He said today Uncle Altaf Hussain in his speeches say what come to his mind, and the puppets in Islamabad talks about the civil disobedience. He said that freedom of speech is due to Bhuttoism. He said had there were dictatorship these voices would have been silences like Akbar Bugti of Balochistan. He said Quaid e Azam gave us Pakistan and Bhutto gave us democracy. He said on the day of October 18 Benazir Bhutto was martyred for saving democracy. He said democracy is the best revenge. He said with the help of Bhuttoism we have to improve the image of Pakistan.

He said they talk about a hidden script. He said this script is for failing democracy and promoting dictatorship, earning fake mandate and installing puppet opposition and opening office of Taliban in Peshawar. He said through this script the anti-Pakistan forces want to make Pakistan a new Iraq and Syria by fanning civil war. He said we have to become united to save the country from dictatorship and civil war. He said Bhuttoism the name of Jihad against poverty. He said we are still hopeful because Bhuttoism is still alive.

He asked the Prime Minister that he was the prime minister of whole Pakistan and not prime minister of Punjab and he should give resources to whole country. He said if the Prime Minister failed to give rights to South Punjab they would snatch their rights. He criticized Punjab government and said it is befooling people by dubbing ordinary buses as metro buses. He said law and order is in shambles in Punjab. He said there is a spirit of Ziaism in the Punjab government.

He claimed that only the PPP government has developed Sindh. He said they have given people jobs and landless hari women land. He said good governance is the name of serving people. He asked the provincial government of Sindh to bring transparency in its affairs. He said Karachi is a mini-Pakistan and a city of people speaking different languages. He said we have carried out Karachi operation and crime rate is brought down. He said serious crime is low in Karachi as compared to other mega cities of the world. He said Sindh needs resources. He asked the Prime Minister of Pakistan to give an emergency package to Sindh as a special case. He said MQM had been ruling Karachi for last 20 years but there is no development.

He said health department in Sindh has been with MQM for 20 years and it is in shambles. He said God forbid Ebola spread in Sindh the people of Sindh would not spare them and he also cannot save their skin. He said we would not let Karachi be remained orphan. However, he invited MQM to work together for the betterment of Karachi and whole Sindh. He said PTI wants to become a MQM of Lahore. He said when next elections would be held in free and fair manner, Karachi would be freed. He said Sindh could produce wind energy to cater needs of whole Pakistan.

Bilawal Bhutto Zardari said there should be no double standards in Pakistan. He said the puppet leaders holding sit-ins in Islamabad should work for the cause of the nation and country. He said Pakistan army is fighting war in north Wazirstan for our safety. He said we fully support this operation. He said however with just use of power no war could be won. He said the puppets should support the army operation.

He said there are many mafias in Pakistan. He asked to stop sabotaging the government of Sindh. He said we want to get the poor people of Pakistan their due rights. He said we want to take from the rich and give to the poor. He said this is my pitch and if they want he is ready to fight. He said he is the son of Kashmir. He said if the people of Balochistan are given rights the designs of Indian secret agencies would fail. He said now is the time to say goodbye what he called political orphans. He said the final win be our win.

Earlier, PPP co-chairman Asif Zardari thanked the participants for their bravery to attend the rally. He said rumors are spread when we hold rallies. He said those talking about justice committed robbery in home. He said people should not sell their soul. He said he known who is offering them Chamak (lure). He said his ancestors made Sindh Madarsa from where Quaid e Azam got education. He said our sons are being killed and there is a show of jugglers in Islamabad. He said let us come and work together for constructive activities. Let us talk about the future of our youth.

He said the thank tank of his party has answers to these questions. He said we would purchase agricultural produce on 20percent higher rate and provide it to poor people on subsidized people. He said if we did not united the Satins of Swat would snatch our sons and daughters. He said we should unite so that there should no Tahreer Squares and Muslim Brotherhoods. He said those people supporting Musharraf referendum and later apologized with nation. He said they are holding very big rallies and we know who finances them. He said we have to work with judiciary, establishment and Altaf Hussain.

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