BISP Larkana Centre becomes epicentre of corruption

September 9, 2015 Off By Web Desk

LARKANA: Benazir Income Support Program (BISP), Larkana Centre, has become source of earning for the disbursing employees and several male/female agents, as the poor destitute & widow beneficiaries are being charged with Rs 800-Rs1000 on payment of Rs 4,500.

Police has conducted raids two times within a week led by women police station SHO Rahmat Abbasi and arrested several people but corruption has never stopped. These poor women come here in large number from far flung areas early in the morning daily to be at the front of the row which are formed by ladies to get payment, but they are always forced by the employees to get a meagre amount through agents on one pretext or the other.

Sometimes faults are detected in their CNICs or they are told that their names are not included in the lists. Cops posted their for security purposes are also minting money as they push their favourite women who pay them into the front row to get the cash. The contractor has made no arrangements for drinking water and the women use hand pumps. Several women fell unconscious daily including Fatima Veesar, Noor Bano Channo and Halima Mugheri due to hot weather. ATM cards have been issued to the beneficiaries in other districts but women of Larkana are still waiting for the same. The government has released the BISP amount to facilitate the poor to celebrate Eid-ul-Azha but the contractor here is busy in looting them through his agents, the women complained. SHO Rahmat Abbasi told Media that on receipt of complaints she was directed to conduct a raid and arrest those involved in corruption. She said that three people have been arrested and cases will be registered against them. She further said that she has been threatened of dire consequences if they are not released because they are very influential but law will certainly take its course.