Bloody dispute between Abro groups resolved

December 26, 2015 Off By Web Desk

TAMBOO: Bloody dispute between two groups of Abro tribe has been resolved amicably. The dispute lasted for several years claimed eight lives and injured dozens others. Two groups accepting decision of tribal jirga met with each other.

According to details a tribal jirga wash held under the leadership of Khalid Khan magi to resolve bloody dispute between tow groups of Abro tribe that exited for several years and claimed eight lives.

Jirga listened to the statements of two sides and two groups met with each other accepting tribal decision.

Khalid Magsi and Ghulam Mujtaba Abro said that people from all walks of life need to play their role for resolving tribal disputes. . Owing to tribal disputes hatred develops. There is need for atmosphere of brotherhood for ending these hatred because with peace nations can move on road to progress.

They said accepting tribal Jirga decision y two groups if good sign.