BNP-White Paper

August 26, 2014 Off By Web Desk

QUETTA: Termini May 11, 2013 general elections as selection Balochistan National Party said a fake leadership was imposed on Balochistan.

This was stated by Acting Central Organiser BNP Dr Jahan Zeb Jamaldini while issuing white paper at a Press conference here Wednesday.

He said former dictator Pervez Musharraf is criminal for Balochistan. He should be bought to Balochistan and punished through impartial judicial commission.

He said BNP through democratic behaviour staged protest, Press conference, sit-in in front of Election Commission, speech and writings, shutter down, holding protest demonstrations in front of Press clubs to record its political protest. Leaders and workers also apprised Election commission of Pakistan about irregularities and rigging of polls. Later petitions were also filed in tribunal constituted in Balochistan. But all the petitions were rejected and dismissed.

He said BNP candidates for national and provincial assemblies had also field petition for recount of votes and verification of votes through NADRA but our candidates were deprived of this legal right. Still having right of legal action we have approached Supreme Court that we have not been heard and we want justice.

He said senior civil and military officers involved in record rigging were posted at senior posts after their retirement as reward for unjustified interference in election. He said it has been tradition of Establishment and rulers they have been openly involved in interference and to bring their chosen few to the power without caring international principles of elections and ruined them. They have been involved in political matter and elections unconstitutionally and illegal and attacked people’s mandate. With the result democracy, democratic institutions could not develop nor stabilized. Responsibility of it lays on them.

Dr Jamaldini said BNP understands bloodshed of innocent unarmed people in any society is condemnable. They way 14 people were killed in Lahore and several others were injured, voice was being raised from every nook and corner of the country and Commission ordered for registering FIR against prime Minister, Chief Minister and Federal Ministers and High Court also maintained the order of Commission and Session Court. But in Balochistan he added violation of human rights, killing of thousands of Baloch, missing of thousands Balochistan and recovery of mutilated dead bodies and this process was underway as yet. Had action taken against resistible in the same way situation in Balochistan had not reached to the present state in the province though honourable courts issued such orders about these situations in the province but these were not implemented.

He said this is multi nation state and despite lapse of over half a century there is difficulty to resolve deprivation of nations and problems in time. He said there is dire need for amendment in the constitution to ensure powers to Upper House about finance bill and legislation. Province should also have right to Veto and if they are not satisfied with any decision as Security Council have right of veto in United Nations. Election of Governors, mayors of Metropolitan Mayors and Deputy Mayors should be through people.

He said critics of Party are of negative impression and baseless propaganda that party was following a tough stance despite the fact party’s mandate was stolen in May 11 elections. But Party in a democratic manner following politics and having two seats in provincial assembly and one in National Assembly it accorded priority of playing its democratic and national role. Despite this BNP was following its ideology and thought because democracy is better than martial law, he added.

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