Book on public speaking skills

March 8, 2016 Off By Web Desk

Karachi: A book entitled “ Taqreer-e-Fan o Khitabat” authored by former Chairperson Dept. of Mass Communication KU Prof. Dr. Mahmood Ghaznavi has been published.

The book contains the review of Mahmood Sham, Anwaar Ahmedzai, Dost Mohammad Faizi, Dr. Aziz ur Rehman, Azhar Riaz and Ahmed Hatib Siddiqui.

This is a book published on the art of public speaking which is compiled as a text book to teach the art of public speaking and speech to the teachers and the students of schools, colleges and universities by the experts of the field.

Mahmood Sham said in his review that this is a complete and comprehensive book that deserves to be included in the course of Urdu Mass Communication.