Bureaucracy halts work on Saddar pedestrian zone plan

September 6, 2015 Off By Web Desk

Karachi: Ambitious plan to make Saddar Karachi a pedestrian zone, announced by Sindh Governor three and half years ago for which Rs100million were also granted, is still in limbo, as lethargic bureaucracy is unwilling to start this high-impact project that if completed which change the shape of this highly haphazard area into a modern urban commercial and recreational zone.

Sindh Governor Dr Ishratul Ibad Khan has envisioned this futurist plan, who has always played his leading role in urban development of Karachi, but sadly his lethargic secretariat and corrupt bureaucracy of different related government department have ensured to keep this very important plan in limbo. Sadly, the monitoring officials of the Governor House have also failed to assess real project on this project during last three years which is harming the reputation of efficiency and result-oriented approach of Sindh governor House.

The second phase of minibus rerouting in the area is yet to be started. Even the first phase of the minibus rerouting is not being fully followed and illegal bus terminals of G-3 minibus and other transport buses are yet to be removed. Illegal structures around the Empress Market and Jahangir Park are yet to be razed, and as the icing on the cake the CDGK car parking plaza it yet to be fully functionalized as the authorities have continuously failed to make Saddar a no-parking zone.

Making Saddar a pedestrian zone would reduce traffic congestion and alarming air and noise pollution in this area. Removal of inter-city and intra-city bus terminals and other encroachments from the area would reduce crime rate in the area and also greatly improve traffic flow in whole vicinity. Revival of historical building of Empress Market and ruined Jahangir Park, which is presently a den of drug peddlers, pickpockets and other criminal elements, would make this central area of the city a beautiful tourist attraction.

Karachiites for last three years have been waiting to see this very important urban development plan of Karachi materialized. They do not expect that the KMC and other related departments could do anything as they lack both vision and ability to execute people-friendly projects; however, they feel this lingering project could be completed if the energetic governor of Sindh, Dr Ishratul Ibad Khan, takes personal interest in it and order starting halted work on this project under his own supervision.