Burney for helping Rohingya refugees

June 16, 2015 Off By Web Desk

DHAKA: The five members delegation of Ansar Burney Trust International on visit to Malaysia, Indonesia and Thailand has left for Bangkok on Wednesday to help the Rohingya refugees of Burma taking refuge in these countries after threats of persecution in Myanmar.

In this regard, Ansar Burney Trust International’s Chairman Ansar Burney will also leave for Bangkok on June 23rd to visit camps of Rohingya refugees to help them in Ramazan.

Burney said that Arakan Rohingya Muslims were facing persecution in Myanmar, and showed grave concern on trafficking of young girls and underage children from Arakan for sexual exploitation and ‘modern day slavery’ in other countries.

He said to take part in humanitarian activities and to provide help to Rohingya migrants in Ramadan on Wednesday, the five members team of ‘Ansar Burney Trust International’ has already left to get first hand report and to help them on humanitarian grounds.

Ansar Burney said as per reports more than 2,000 Rohingya Muslim migrants are still stranded in open sea without drinking water and food and those washed ashore are facing difficult times. If they are not settled early and discussions are delayed, more people may die in the open sea, at the hands of traffickers and also in camps. In this regard.