Burney in search of family of Pakistani lady

October 28, 2015 Off By Web Desk

KARACHI: Ansar Burney Trust International is in search of a family of one lady lodged at a Shelter Home in India, claiming herself to be a Pakistani.

Mohammadi, 45, claims that she is from Mohalla Noorani or Noorana, District Gujarat in Pakistani Punjab. Ansar Burney Trust says Mohammadi, residence of Mohalla Noorani, Gujarat in Punjab is in the Shelter Home of Shimla in India since 10th August, 2015. She said she have two children one son and one daughter.

She claimed that she was married at 20 and her Nikah was performed in District Gujarat of Pakistan. Ansar Burney Trust is now in search of family in Pakistan and requested media and general public to help in search of family of a lady claiming as Pakistani and lodged in an Indian Shelter Home at Shimla, India. In this regard Ansar Burney Trust International can be contacted at 6 – Hassan Manzil, Arambagh Road, Karachi. Phone: (021) 32623382 – 83 and Mobile: 03000602202.