Call to establish Lyari Expressway’s second lane

June 18, 2015 Off By Web Desk

KARACHI: President, Lasbela Chamber of Commerce and Industry (LCCI) Yakoob H Karim has stressed upon the authorities for completion of the second lane of Lyari Expressway in shortest possible time.

He urged the National Highway Authority (NHA) to remove all impediments in the way of construction of the Lyari Expressway and provide maximum relief to masses through 100 percent completion of this project. In a statement, he said that government had pledged to construct Pak-China Economic Corridor (PCEC), but it is ignoring the basic facts that road network from Balochistan that also linking with Gwadar is necessary. He warned that without constructing by-passes and providing the railway network between Hub and Karachi and up to Gwadar, no project like PCEC could become successful.

He said that due to the increasing magnitude of road transport and the lack of adequate maintenance, rehabilitation and renovation in Karachi, the road system often face a premature collapse. This increase in vehicle overloading and the shift from rail to road has led to a rapid and premature deterioration which resulted in frequent traffic gridlock as evident from the traffic jam on almost all main arteries of the city particularly in the south and west district of Karachi.

Yakoob Karim has further said that the traffic between Karachi and Hub onwards to Quetta through RCD Highway and Northern Bypass has also increased which causes delay in targeting the destination due to mismanaged traffic on both the roads which provides links for Balochistan and Sindh. The flow of the traffic between of Hub and other parts of Lasbela and Karachi also suffers a lot due to heavy flow of industrial, ship breaking, Gawadar Port traffic together with Public Transport on the RCD highway, hence it is quite necessary that the construction of Hub Bypass should be started immediately to divert the heavy traffic towards that bypass thus giving relief to the people of Hub Town. He said that it will also provide incentive to the investors who intend to make investment in Hub and adjoining areas of Lasbela district.