Call to help Rohingya Community

December 9, 2015 Off By Web Desk

KARACHI: Leaders of national and international organizations have condemned the international organisations’ worst role towards the Myanmar and said the Muslims countries should come forward to lend hand to victims of Rohingya Community. They said freedom struggle is ultimate solution if the Myanmar government continues oppression of innocent people, they said.

The 1st International Conference Karachi entitled “Future of Democracy in Myanmar: Plight of Rohingya Community”, was organized by Measac Research Centre (MRC) at Karachi Press Club. Representatives of Rohingya community, UAE, KSA, UK, and Bangladesh participated in the conference .

In the opening remarks, Arsalan Ayaz explained that the Rohingya people are not part of electoral process as they were disenfranchised from participation in the election. They have also been deprived of contesting election, he said. He emphasized that Rohingya people are such careful that they would not become weight on new government.

Noor-ul-Hassan Arakani, representative of Rohingya Solidarity Organization (RSO), said that officials are repeating the same bigoted statements of the military on Rohingya. “The country of Myanmar is celebrating the outcome of election results, but unfortunately Rohingya people cannot join them because of the situation are radical in NLD. He said freedom struggle would be ultimate resolution if government continues oppression on Rohingya community.

Dr. Shaida Wazarat stressed that international community and human rights organizations have dual standards when it comes about the Myanmar. She said none of them show serious concern to resolve the issue.

Saleem, human rights activist from UK, said that the demands of Rohingya Community are exactly right and the western world has shown hypocritical attitude towards Arakan issue. He said that the brutal government refuses to grant the Rohingya citizenship status as a result, the vast majority of the group’s members have no legal documentation. He said millions of Rohingyans have migrated to different countries and more than 1 million are living in refugee camps all over the world. He said UN and OIC should act before the people opt for gun because this oppression can lead to extremism.