Call to make business easy

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KARACHI: The Union of Small and Medium Enterprises (UNISAME) has urged the Small and Medium Enterprises Development Authority (SMEDA) to advocate the cause of the sector vigorously with the ministries of finance, commerce and industries for the betterment of the majority sector on fast track basis.

President UNISAME Zulfikar Thaver in messages to the provincial chiefs of SMEDA of all the provinces urged them to impress upon the policy makers to take the suggestions and proposals of UNISAME seriously and take measures and steps to make doing business easy and become competitive in the face of challenges.

Thaver said that the officials are aware that UNISAME has sent them suggestions and proposals every year but unfortunately the ministries of finance and commerce either cannot comprehend the proposals or have failed to realize that the SME sector is the majority sector and deserves their best attention. The sector is deprived of access to finance, land in industrial estates at concession and soft payment terms, regular supplies of raw material, uninterrupted energy, comfortable environment, tax exemptions, infrastructure and efficient logistics.

The banking, insurance and leasing facilities and particularly commercial property leasing, warehouse receipt financing, mortgage financing and bridge financing. The much talked about Exim Bank needs to be set up promptly and also the SME Export House, SME Insurance and the SME Institute expeditiously. The SME Ombudsman promised in the SME Policy has also been shelved like many other promises in the SME Policy.

He said that the union has highlighted the requirements of the sector every year and in fact regularly keeps inviting their attention to their issues but their non seriousness is perturbing. He added that we know they all are our well wishers and have soft corner for the sector but what is required is action and SME promotion and development has to be put on fast track scientifically. The SMEDA experts know better than us and we expect them to not fail in emphasizing the need and the requirements of the sector vehemently. The PML – N government is business friendly and the SME sector expects extra ordinary facilities for modernization and growth to become competitive in the face of global challenges. Time is the essence and opportunity needs to be availed. With the fall in prices of fuel and resultant lowering of cost of production the sector with the help of SMEDA can achieve a lot. SMEDA needs to get into gear to upgrade the SME units on modern lines by providing them the information and technology facilities.

He said this time in their suggestions and budget proposals, the sector expects that SMEDA would not only simply send or forward the suggestions/proposals but would emphasize and advocate the cause of the sector vigorously and make the policy makers understand the importance of the sector and its contribution to the economy.

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