Call to protect Islamabadites from epidemic disease

August 23, 2014 Off By Web Desk

KARACHI: The founder and leader of MQM Altaf Hussain has strongly demanded an emergency action and practical steps from the government to protect people of Islamabad from outbreak of epidemic diseases.

In a statement, Hussain said, “I am concerned at the poor sanitation arrangements for the protestors in Islamabad and the growing air pollution. It could cause an outbreak of epidemic diseases.”

Addressing the Prime Minister of Pakistan, members of federal cabinet, leaders of the protest marchers, intellectuals, journalists, human rights organizations, lawyers and sensible Pakistanis. Hussain said “ Impasse in the dialogue process could cause short term and long term  potential problems to the country and the capital city Islamabad. We cannot ignore the threat of an outbreak of epidemic diseases in Islamabad. “

The local administration has failed to arrange cleaning services at the place of protesters. The containers which have been put in place for security reasons are causing problem in people’s movement. Human waste are giving out poisonous gas and foul smell as there are no proper toilet for the participants of the protestors.

This foul smell is growing with the passage of each day. There is a fear of outbreak of epidemic diseases in Islamabad which can make thousands of people sick. I appeal to the government and the parties who are protesting to hold talks with the government and local authorities for the arrangement of toilets and cleaning. Otherwise, food items and unsealed water bottles could become contaminated. In such situation decaying of food items occur.”

Hussain appealed to residents of Islamabad to use boiled water and make cleaning arrangements in their houses and use cotton gas masks when they go out. He has also made an appeal to the government to take emergency steps to check the spreading of poisonous gases and smell and prevention of outbreak of epidemic.

Hussain also appealed to the parties staging protest marches to do a meaningful and result oriented dialogue. He added that they did not pretend that they were carrying out dialogue. He urged them to conduct dialogue till they found a solution to the crisis. 

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