CEO PSM distributes allotment letters of houses

December 8, 2015 Off By Web Desk

KARACHI: The workforce of PSM is competent, highly qualified, skill full, trained abroad, motivated and efficient, which is evident by performance of PSM till 2008. The skill and motivation was demonstrated in the last 1½ year when a frozen/chilled blast furnace was brought into operation which no other country could do without a capital repair costing billion of rupees. Apart from revival of blast furnace, PSM workforce, at their own, repaired Waste Heat Boilers of Steel Making Department, 6.3 MW motor and took up repairs of boilers and turbines of Thermal Power Plant (TPP).

CEO PSM Maj General (Retd) Zaheer Ahmed Khan HI(M) informed this during distribution of allotment letters of the houses in Steel Town to the employees in a ceremony in the Technical Library Operations Building. He said that PSM has a huge manufacturing setup as a support to carry out repairs and maintenance of its main production units. It is a fact that local industry is not yet fully developed to meet all the repair and maintenance requirement of an integrated steel plant like PSM. About 3000 employees are engaged with these repair and maintenance activities.

On this occasion, CEO PSM distributed the allotment letters of 44 desirous employees in transparent manner and on merit basis. It is to be clear that to maintain the productivity of Pakistan Steel, 4000 residential units and other building and management of PSM is fully utilizing the residents’ employees services of Steel Town.

This ceremony was also attended by PEO (Production) Wasif Mehmood, PEO (Commercial) Engr Absar Nabi, APEO (Tech Services) Capt. (R) Shamsi Hassan, APEO(A&P) Nusrat ul Islam Butt, APEO(BMR&E/HRD) Imtiaz-ul-Hassan Shamsi, Corporate Secretary Ghulam Mustafa, AGM(Township) Nisar Ahmed Qureshi and other senior officers and staff.

Furthermore, PSM is situated about 35 KM of Karachi, it was plant’s operational requirement to settle a portion of workforce near the plant, therefore PSM had to develop its own colony i.e. Steel Township with more than 4000 residential units and many other buildings. The huge area of PSM which includes land for its expansion and that for downstream industries by private sector need maintenance and up keep. Therefore PSM is not like other any factory; it is an industrial complex/city and hub of future industrial growth.

The payment of gas bill for the current year was almost double as compared to the payment made in the last year, but at that time gas was never stopped. It is also to be noted that gas bills started piling up since 2008-09, but gas supply was never stopped/disrupted at that time. Furthermore, the gas supply to K-Electric with liabilities of about Rs 63 billion is never stopped.

The dumping of steel products from China badly affected the sales of PSM products. During April-June 2015 PSM had an inventory of about Rs9 billion but was caught in a crunch situation due to working capital deficit. The working capital deficit was also due to delay of 3-4 months in the release of funds as per ECC decision. The spokesman concluded that it is unfair to blame the PSM for current state of affairs and not to say a single word as to its achieving 50% capacity utilization on 7th January 2015 when gas was stopped next day and again when plant had been revived and 65% capacity achieved on 12th March 2015 when again the gas was disrupted the next day. These unannounced stoppages broke rhythm of plant and affected four months output.