CHK admin introduces PAC system in Radiology Dept

December 14, 2015 Off By Web Desk

KARACHI: The head of Radiology Department, Civil Hospital Karachi (CHK), has introduced Picture Archiving and Communication System (PACS) in hospital to stop misuse of X-ray films, it was learned on Tuesday.

An official of Radiology Department, CHK, told PPI that administration had introduced PAC system in healthcare to stop misuse and wastage of X-ray films in healthcare. The said administration had stopped provision of X-ray films to Accident and Emergency Department patients to control the misuse of X-ray films.

The PAC system will be linked to the departments and OPDs services where doctors can see X-ray report through his/her monitor. He said decision will also help to control private practices. He said department was facing acute shortage of X-ray films due to short supply from health department; therefore, online system had been introduced to stop misuse of X-ray reports.

Around 800 to 850 X-ray were conducted in Emergency Department, OPD X-ray Department and main Radiology Department on each day in healthcare. Medical Superintendent, CHK, Prof Dr Saeed Ahmed Qureshi, said PAC system had been introduced in the hospital few years ago, but hospital administration continued to provide X-ray films to patients. He said now administration had stopped provision of X-ray films to patients and linked X-ray report through PAC system.