Civil Society rejects claims of Chairman HEC about Balochistan

QUETTA: Civil Society Balochistan has rejected the claims of Chairman Higher Education Commission (HEC) about Balochistan.

Chairman HEC, Dr. Mukhtar Ahmed addressed a press here yesterday (Monday) and made claims about providing scholarships and grants to universities in Balochistan.

Civil Society Balochistan has alleged that Chairman HEC conducted the press conference to diffuse the pressure that has been created on HEC.

Civil Society Balochistan’s Deputy Convener Imdad Baloch has said that Press conference of Chairman HEC was ambiguous and presented facts out of context.

“Chairman HEC mentioned number of scholarships provided to Balochistan but he did not mention that how much percentage share Balochistan got from all scholarships of HEC,” said Imdad Baloch.

Earlier, Civil Society Balochistan had claimed in a press conference last month that HEC is violating Article 37(A) of Pakistan’s Constitution by not doing enough for Balochistan.

Civil Society Balochistan claims that Chairman HEC failed to answer different points raised by Civil Society in its last press conference.

It’s clearly mentioned on the page 154 of HEC annual report 2010-11 that Balochistan will get 6 percent share in all PhD scholarships as per the decision of Executive Committee of National Economic Council (ECNEC).

Imdad Baloch said that Chairman HEC did not give any explanation on why HEC is not fulfilling the quota of Balochistan as mandated by ECNEC.

Deputy Convener of Civil Society further added that average share of Balochistan in PhD scholarships after 2011 is just 0.72 percent as opposed to 6 percent.

Civil Society representatives also criticized HEC for ignoring Balochistan in releasing funds for institution development. Balochistan has only got Rs. 1,727 million and Islamabad city alone has been provided Rs. 4,830 million by HEC under this head.

Civil society Balochistan has appealed from governor and Chief Minister of Balochistan to give due attention to this matter and order inquiry to expose the incorrect claims made by chairman HEC.

Imdad Baloch further added that Civil Society Balochistan will protest if HEC did not conceded the wrongdoings that they have committed with quota of Balochistan.