CM-National Management Course

March 9, 2016 Off By Web Desk

QUETTA: Real eldership of Balochistan is present on its soil which has been returned to assemblies by the people. Those sitting outside should return and do parliamentary politics within the framework of Pakistan. They do political of Federation or nationalism no one would have objection to it. If people elect them we would respect their mandate. They should also respect to our mandate.

This was stated by Balochistan chief Minister Nawab Sanaullah Zehri while speaking to participation for national management course which called on him here Thursday.

Balochistan Chief Secretary Saifullah Chatha, Provincial government spokesman Anwarul Haq Kakar, ACS Development, Secretary Home and Secretary Finance wren also present.

Chief Minister said Prime Minister Mohammad Nawaz Sharif desires promotion of atmosphere of consent and consultation and solution to problems through talks. Headway in this regard was underway. But he said there is no tradition of imposing ideology by force in political and democratic era nor it can be allowed. He said leaders do not come at gun point but it is people who support them and send them to assemblies for their representation under political and democratic process.

About law and order he said establishing peaceful Balochistan is our topmost priority. Terrorism in any face would be eliminated. Our forces were fighting against terrorists and they are fully backed by the government. We admire them. He said when government desires to establish its writ it does so no compromise can be made on supremacy of law in the province. We live in a region on which eyes of entire world are focused. Some of them do not want stability here. They want that resources should not be used on its people. While it is our earnest endeavour to establish perpetual peace and utilize precious resources for welfare of our people. When people would have employment and economic security no one would misguide them and use for their interest.

Nawab Zehri said Baloch have always been in the office of Chief Minister in Balochistan and no Punjabi, Sindhi or Pashtoon had any chance. When we do not want betterment of our province at our own then levelling allegation to others would be hypocrisy.

He said Punjabi teachers were expelled from Balochistan during 70s. Since then we have been suffering form educational backwardness. Those teachers had equipping our children and live in our villages. He said fortunately our population is small but resources are bigger. Despite hand to mouth position our people have two times bread so we are not poor while in other provinces besides bigger population poverty is also bigger.

He said Gwadar is blessing for us while Balochistan is blessing for Pakistan with regard to its resources. When these reosur4ces will be utilize din real sense then Balochistan would be able to play its role for economic development of the country.

With Economic Corridor Balochistan future is linked. With building western route a new era of economic, commercial and industrial development would start. He said if two to three hundred thousand people of Balochistan get employment we would need not to see towards others. Our population is small, area is vast and resources are immense. We own copper and gold mines and coming time is of Balochistan.

Sanaullah Zehri said when we formed our government we made restoration peace and order and good governance as our agenda and implemented it strictly. We made health, educator and drinking water as our priority. He said any are where there are 10 houses there will be at least one primary school, dispensary and provision of drinking water would also be ensured.

We enjoy full cooperation of Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif for achieving targets of development and law and order. Prime Minister has very soft corner for Balochistan and it is his endeavour dream of a peaceful and developed Balochistan is materialized.

About political situation of the province Chief Minister said PML-N is the largest political party of the country. Under Murree accord fully supported government of Dr Abdul Malik Baloch for two and half years. Under the same accord we have been given rule in Balochistan for next two and half years. National Party and Pashtoonkhwa Milli Awami party are out strong partners.

Referring to Gwadar Chef Minister said rights of local population of Gwadar was being ensured. Such a legislation was being made if lakhs of people arrive Gwadar form outside then local pollution would not become minority. Prime Minister’s stand in this regard is also very clear.

About Levies and police Chief Minister said Balochistan has a traditional tribal society. Levies have been discharging its responsibility for law and order for centuries. During Musharraf period B areas were converted into A areas. It was a failed experience and situation started to turn bad and we are still suffering from this today.

Balochistan chief Secretary Saifullah Chatha while apprising participants about development of social sector, headway in education, health and drinking water, told that Education budget has been increased to 21 percent form 4 percent while health sector funds have also been raised three folds. Three new universities and three medical colleges have been setup in the province and teachers appointment was being made through NTS. Rupees 500 million grant has been issued for universities in Balochistan. Balochistan Public Service commission has been made autonomous and stable organisation.