CMCH’s doctor absent since 29 May 2014, drawing salary

July 1, 2015 Off By Web Desk

LARKANA: A BPS-17 medical Officer of Chandka Medical College Hospital (CMCH) is absent from government duty since May 29, 2014 after availing 60-day ex-Pakistan leave to visit India on private affairs.

Dr Vishamber Lal son of Amar Lal was first granted 30-day ex-Pakistan leave by Health Department on 17th January 2014 and he relinquished charge on 05.4.2014, but his leave was extended for another 30 days up to 28.5.2014. He had to join his government duty next day, but he is still absent from the duty.

In this connection, CMCH’s Medical Superintendent had written two letters, which still remain unheard as no disciplinary proceedings have so far been initiated against the irresponsible doctor who continue to receive his monthly salary for which a letter has now been sent to District Accounts Officer (DAO), Larkana, to stop his monthly salary.

The doctor is still in India. His leave was extended without information to the MS, which needs to be probed thoroughly. This is not the only case and there are so many such cases. Corruption and bad governance is already rampant in health department, but this kind of highhandedness is intolerable. People are dying of heatstrokes while doctors shortage has always been reported in the interior province.

In yet another incident of mismanagement came to limelight when the MS wrote another letter to Registrar, Benazir Bhutto Medical University requesting him to communicate the status of Dr Erum Majid, wife of Majid Ahmed, Woman Medical Officer (BPS-17) of Chandka Medical College Hospital who was allowed to work as Assistant Professor at Chandka Medical College, Larkana vide Health Department Government of Sindh notification dated: 07.11.2009 but her status is not known to the MS whether her services have been confirmed at CMC, performing her duties or not.

The MS has sent a reminder to the Registrar to let him know her status as the matter is lingering since very long. DAO has also been requested to stop her salary. This state of affairs clearly indicates that things have not improved rather situation has worsened in the Health Sector. Will someone in the government please take notice of this irony.