Commissioner requests Ulema to keep calm in Muharram

October 13, 2015 Off By Web Desk

KARACHI: Commissioner Karachi Shoaib Ahmed Siddiqui has appealed from Ulema to play their role in development of the country and struggle for establishment of peace and stability.

“Peace, brotherhood harmony and unity should be promoted,” he said while addressing a conference on unity among Muslims in a local hotel.

Scholars of different school of thoughts, religious leaders, police and civil organizations were also present on the occasion.

He said the government was working hard for establishing peace in the city. The services of law enforcement agencies were laudable to root out extremism and terrorism in this regard.

The commissioner said the zeal of Ulema and religious leaders on the occasion of Muharram was respectable. They should participate in building and growth of Pakistan as a country where people could get quality education and clean water.

“Ulema should avoid hurting other’s sentiments and act according to the Prophet (SAWW)’s teachings,” he said.

DIG South Dr Jameel Ahmed said security plan had been prepared to ensure fool-proof security in Muhrram-ul-Harram. He said police was consulting with Ulema and administration at every level.

Abbas Kumeli, Furqan Hyder Abidi, Haji Hanif Tayyab, Waqar Hassan Taqwa, Molana Muhammed Salfi, Shabbar Raza, Mufti Muhammed Akmal and others also addressed on the occasion.

The Ulema ensured the administration that they would fully cooperate with the government in its efforts for establishment of peace.

Molana Ferozuddin offered supplication in the end.

The conference was attended by all the deputy commissioners, Managing Director Karachi Water & Sewerage Board Misbahuddin Farid and senior officers of cantonment board were also present on the occasion.