Commissioner urges merit in sports

November 22, 2014 Off By Web Desk

KARACHI: Commissioner Karachi Shoaib Ahmed Saddiqui has said that there is need to promote merit in sports and there is no lack of talented players in every region of the country.

“Youth should be given opportunities on merit base to show their skills. Pakistan cricket control board and others institutions should find out the players of cricket and others games in all areas and cities of Pakistan, who can brighten the name of Pakistan as it is their right to get opportunities for showing their skills. Favoritism should be eliminated, the commissioner said while speaking at sports conference at a local hotel. The conference was organised in collaboration with Better Pakistan Forum, National Bank of Pakistan and Media Global Links.

He said that selection of national players should be on a merit so that available talented players should have equal opportunities. “It will be in the favor of country to provide opportunities to talented players and there should be no compromise on merit. Over selectors should remember that the right of selection should be cleare because it’s a nation’s asset.”

“If they compromise, then the nation will not forgive them. The loss and win is the part of game but there is no space for favoritism in the game,” the commissioner noted.

He said if the stakeholders did not perform their duties correctly, they would be responsible to it. Siddiqui said if youth faced any problem regarding the merit, they should submit their complaints with him as he was committed to take action against involved institutions.

He said Karachi could become peaceful city by promoting sports. He said to promote international sports in Karachi, the administration was playing their due role. He said that administration of Karachi would organize international sports events in the future in the metropolis.

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