Concern show on cutting of trees from streets

October 5, 2015 Off By Web Desk

Karachi: Environment activists have shown their concern on hacking of trees from tree-lined streets of Karachi to facilitate advertising companies to erect their billboards.

In this regard Pakhar Welfare Association Karachi has announced to take legal action against the tree hackers in the city. They said that they work for betterment of environment and beatification of Karachi City

They said that under the law the government agencies are supposed to create a friendly environmental atmosphere by planting trees/plants on the roads in addition to preserve the already existing trees, plants, flowers and other things pertaining to greenery of the city in a view to deliver good services to the citizens of the mega city. However, these departments have failed to fulfil their duties and instead of growing trees for the environmental change they are going to destroy/cut down the existing trees/plants from the roads and streets only for the vested interest.

In this regard a serious concern was voiced that more than 1200 trees were cut down from both sides of the Shahar-e-Faisal near Karsaz because these trees were blocking advertisement billboards of private companies.

It was earnestly requested to the concerned quarters to take legal action against the tree hackers and provide workable mechanisms to protect trees and other greenery on the roads and streets of Karachi in the larger public interest.