Contaminated animal blood could cause Congo fever

August 26, 2014 Off By Web Desk

KARACHI: Commissioner Karachi Shoaib Ahmed Siddiqui has said that citizens should use gloves while slaughtering sacrificial animals as a precautionary and preventive measure because experts said that blood of parasite worm affected animal could cause Congo fever, which was a deadly disease. However, there was no harm in eating meat.

The worm resides in ears or hairs of the animal and since the animals from northern areas are more hairy that is why they are infested with the worms.

“Bite of the worm could lead a human to Congo fever,” Siddiqui said this while addressing a meeting regarding prevention and cure from Congo virus, Naegleria and Dengue at his office. Senior Director Municipal Services Karachi Metropolitan Corporation Masood Alam, Director Local Government Commissioner Office Robina Asif, Senior Director Health and Medical Services KMC Dr Salma Kausar, focal person and representative regarding dengue, Naegleria and Congo Dr Shakil Malik, Director Municipal Services KMC Noman Arshad and other relevant officers were also present on the occasion.

The commissioner directed all the relevant officers to display banners at the prominent spots in the city and inside and outside of cattle markets to spread awareness among masses regarding Congo virus.

Dr Shakil was directed in the meeting to inform media in detail after every 10 days about the situation in the city regarding the three diseases.

Dr Salma told the meeting that different water samples were collected from 18000 different locations in the city from which 12000 were satisfactory while 6000 unsatisfactory samples were handed over for chlorination.

Representative of water board said that 56 metric ton hypochlorite had already been used in the water yet, while, work was being executed at 11 locations regarding boosting chlorination.

The commissioner directed to expand the act of chlorination to the suburban areas and ensure anti-dengue campaign in the city.

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