Coordinator South Asia Partnership

October 28, 2014 Off By Web Desk

SIBI: Voice was being raised at every forum in Balochistan for rights of minorities and we are playing our role for complete freedom to resolve their accommodation, security to life and property and performance of their religious rites.

This was stated by Coordinator South Asia partnership and Programme Officer SAP Programme Maqbool Baloch while addressing political, social and people during awareness campaign for the security of minorities.

He said at the time of creation of Pakistan there was 23 percent minority community in the country which has now become 37 percent. Of this there are 80 percent Hindus and Christians whose 50 percent are in cities and 48 percent in rural areas. They were serving the country within their resources.

He said Asia Partnership for the last 25 years was working for development of human resources and security to rights of minorities in Pakistan. For ensuring rights to minorities a comprehensive awareness programme has been launched in which steps were being taken with the consultation of all stake holders. Under this programme 3 NGOs of REAT Network were implementing their targets and activities.

He said rights guaranteed to minorities under the constitution of Pakistan serious efforts are needed for it.

Maqbool Baloch said Islam is name of complete code of life. He said a bill will also be introduced for rights of minorities in Balochistan.

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