Corruption, nepotism erode foundations of system: Pasban

September 19, 2015 Off By Web Desk

Karachi: Pasban e Pakistan Senior Vice President Tariq Jameel here Sunday said rampant corruption, nepotism and political appointments have eroded the very foundation of the state machinery and unless this menace is tackled boldly on sustainable basis the dream of the progress and prosperity of Pakistan would not come true.

In a statement here said the main reason of poor performance of the government institutions is recruitment of incompetent persons on the basis of bribery, favoritism and nepotism. He said corruption and bribery have deep roots in every government department. He said the rulers are afraid to strengthen the state institutions and making them autonomous because they fear their own corruption would be exposed by these empowered institutions.

He said the very structure of government and state system has weakened due to the corruption and bad governance. This is why the problems faced by common man are increasing with every passing day. He regretted that incompetent and corrupt people are being employed on key government posts, bypassing the federal and provincial public service commissions. These people instead of serving the general public only serve the vested interests of their political masters. He asked why public service commissions are tight-lipped over the wholesale appointment of corrupt and inefficient people on key post in a shameful violation of rules.

Tariq Jameel suggested that in order to get the problems of common man solved it is a must to make state institutions stronger and autonomous. Only such autonomous institutions could serve democracy, he said, because they would uphold law and constitutions without bowing before the corrupt bureaucracy and rulers.

He said we should not ignore the international conspiracies against Pakistan continuing for last two decades. He said international media is publishing such world maps in which Pakistan is not mentioned as a country. He said the vested interests abroad and their local agents in Pakistan are trying their best to get Pakistan declared a banana republic. He asked these conspiracies should be foiled with national unity and solidarity.

The Pasban leader demanded that the federal and provincial public service commissions should be made fully independent and autonomous, and all government appointments on bigger or smaller posts should be carried out through these independent public service commissions.