Crime, corruption biggest issues of Sindh: Mahar

KARACHI: The leader of the opposition in Sindh Assembly Muhammad Shaharyar Khan has said that though terrorism is a growing concern, but the biggest issue of Sindh province is serge in regular crime and the government has miserably failed to tackle this problem.

Taking part in the general debate on the provincial budget in Sindh Assembly on Tuesday, he said the provincial finance department through this year’s budget has exposed the ineptness of Sindh government. He said last year the government had chosen the slogan of good governance, but this year it was shunned and a new slogan of service delivery of chosen. He asked had the Sindh government succeeded in achieving the good governance. He said in connection of the provincial budget the government did not follow the Rule 143 and it is expected that it would also violate the Rule-160 while getting passed the supplementary budget.

He said there were frauds of Rs3.8billion in Benazir income support program. He said the poverty could not be eliminated with charity but with giving people justice. He said the Sindh government is not giving the people of Sindh justice as it is violating the rule of merit. He said as there is not merit in Sindh, there is also no justice in the province. He said the law and order could not improve till the rule of merit and merit could not be upheld till there is a political will. Quoting an example of lack of merit, he said in his district Shikarpur, 44 patients of hepatitis C were recruited in police on political favouritism, despite the fact that they were medically unfit.

He said new colleges and universities were being established without even improving the primary education. He said we cannot run the existing institutes but are bent to establish even more new institutes. Criticizing the new budget, he said masses of Sindh would be affected by them.

He said the provincial regime is hiding its incompetence in the name of terrorism threat, while the real problem facing Sindh is serge in the regular crime. He said in his district Shikarpur on average 18 people are murdered every month and comparing the population of Shikarpur to Karachi, the crime rate in Shikarpur is 300percent more than the crime in Karachi. He said those police officers are being posted in crime-infested areas who are more interested in politics than in policing. He said Karachi faced severe law and order issue but the PPPP-led government did nothing. When the federal government took notice of the Karachi situation the provincial government came out of its deep slumber.

He said ghost teachers are everywhere and in his own Taluka there are at least 250 ghost schoolteachers. He said according to a survey of IBA, the educational standard of Intermediate passed students of Sindh is equal to class eight passed students; therefore, these students are compelled to pass foundation examinations before resuming their higher studies.

Mahar said in government hospitals medicines are openly stolen and sold. There is equipment but not technicians to run it. There is acute shortage of doctors and surgeons. He said the government program of hepatitis control even lacks the basic test for hepatitis detection.

He said today the cities and towns of Sindh are braving 16 hours a day load shedding but the provincial government is claiming to export electricity by the year 2018. He said the Thar coal was discovered in 1984 but nothing done to develop it. He said the contract to build Islamkot airport was given to the firm that had made shoddy Shershah Bridge in Karachi.

He said the condition of roads is poor and mostly substandard material is being used in the government projects. He said it was claimed that 14500 houses were built and given to flood affected people of Shikarpur and Kashmore but according to his knowledge not a single such house was constructed in these areas. He said if the government intends to give these houses to its own people, it should rename the poor housing project as ‘housing for our voters’.

He said the people of Sindh are being misguided that the federal government gave the province fewer funds. He said last year when the PPPP was in central government, the funds of Sindh province were curtailed. He said the Sindh chief minister in the meeting of CCI had agreed for deduction of power dues of the province at source, but in Sindh he made speech not to pay such dues. He said the government should stop misleading the masses to hide its own inefficiency. He said Sukkur and Shikarpur were neglected in mega projects. He said why the people were being punished for not voting for the ruling party.

He said in Punjab province progress is visible, but in Sindh instead of going for competition we are hiding our inefficiency. He said there would be no good governance without ending corruption culture. He said the rulers justify corruption that it is an old problem. He asked if the corruption is an old problem why the government is keeping it continued. He said in fact we ourselves are responsible for the corruption.

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