Crime rate on decline in Karachi: police report

November 22, 2015 Off By Web Desk

Karachi: Inspector General of Police IGP Sindh Ghulam Hyder Jamali presided over a high level meeting to review overall law and order situation of the Province, at CPO.

During the meeting a detailed report was submitted highlighting the comparative performance of the police.

The said report said that due to the strategies and timely decision of the present command, significant and matchless improvement in Law and Order and crimes deduction noted. “Earlier the crimes were rampant in the province and the criminals were committing all sorts of crimes freely”, the report disclosed.

The report further revealed that kidnapping for ransom was a routine business in interior of the Province and Karachi city was witnessing around 7/8 killings/murders per day.

It was further noted that the scenario began to change after the present command took cognizance of the entire situation and adopted drastic actions in line with the ongoing Karachi Operation.

“The kidnapping for ransom is almost eliminated and killings in Karachi reduced to 2 murders per day, at an average. Almost all major terrorist groups were confronted and 300 hard core terrorist ring leaders were neutralized in a period of just one year. No-Go areas and hideouts were also smashed and 10 bomb factories un-earthed”, the report said.

Since July 6, 2014, the report added, (i)998 Criminals were killed and 16583 arrested, (ii)287 Terrorists killed and 87 arrested, (iii)7 Target Killers killed and 41 arrested, (iv)96 kidnappers killed and 60 arrested, (v)6 Extortionists killed and 328 arrested. According to the report, during the said period, police encountered 5073 times with the criminals/terrorists, busted 3710 organised gangs and also captured 3710 criminals red handed.

The report further added that during the given period, 633 KG of Explosive Material, 64 Suicide Jackets, 5 IEDs, 917 Bombs/Hand Grenades, 54 Rockets/Rocket Launchers, 95 Detonators/Fuses, 19 LMGs, 13 G-3 rifles, 7 MP-V, 599 SMGs/KK, 1508 Shotguns/Repeaters, 447 Rifles and 13295 Pistol/Revolver/Mouzer were also recovered as a result of police operations against the crimes and criminals.

“Besides, successful observance of different rituals/festivals/mega events, the shopping turn over during last Eid went up to Rs80 billion, the all time highest in the history”, the report added.

IGP Sindh expressed his satisfaction over the police performance and further directed for more targeted police operations in order to sustain the results out of the extensive police actions.