Day (Armed forces actively engage in fight against terrorism and we are close o victory, President Mamnoon)

September 23, 2015 Off By Web Desk

Islamabad: President Mamnoon Hussain has extend heartiest felicitations to the nation on the blessed and joyous eve of Eid ul Azha. ”I pray that may Allah Almighty protect all our Countrymen and bless them with the bounties of this world and hereafter”, he said in his message on the occasion of Eid ul Azha.

He said the day rejuvenates the dignified sacrifice rendered by Hazrat Ibrahim (Peace Be Upon Him) who had set an eternal example of obedience and submission to Allah Almighty by offering the sacrifice of his beloved son Hazrat Ismael (Peace Be Upon Him).

”Allah Almighty afterwards made this sacrifice a mandatory act for the affluent Muslims, who follow this practice in pursuance of Allah’s commandment. We also need to set practical examples of sacrifice in our lives because this spirit helps resolve the issues effectively”.

The President said Our armed forces are actively engaged in a decisive fight against terrorism and we are very close to victory. On this occasion of Eid, we should not forget our those jawans, and brothers and sisters who sacrificed their today for our tomorrow and became immortal in history by laying their lives for the country.

”On this eve, we as true Pakistanis, should also remember the invaluable sacrifices of our brothers and sisters who are suffering difficulties in fight against terrorism. We should share our happy moments with poor and the people afflicted with calamities.

I pray to Allah Almighty to keep us in His protection, bless Pakistan with peace and prosperity and make the true essence of Eid ul Azha the part of our live”, he added in his massage.